Supply of All Kinds of Agrochemicals

We supply a wide range of Agochemicals ranging from pesticides, herbicides to all kinds of fertilizers. We also supply other agric farm inputs and seedlings. 

Supply of Veterinary Products

We offer and supply a wide range of Veterinary health care products and services. Our products are cost-effective and highly efficient.

Hi- Tech Agro-processing

We have acquired a modern grain milling and fruit juice extraction plant in our Ayede Ogbese Factory.

Exportation/Importation of High Quality Agro-products

We have distinguished ourself in the export and import of quality Agro-products in Nigeria. All our products meet national and International standards.

We provide Extension, Training and Consultancy Services

Enoch Agribiz knows the importance of training and extension services in the agricultural value chain, hence our consultancy service outfit is set up to provide this important service Read More